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  *timeskip: 1 year*

  Sabo woke up early, so early it was still dark. Today was his first anniversary of joining the revolution, and so far he was only Dragon's assistant, though he was treated like his son. He had to try harder to become a commander. He picked up his pipe—which he found in one of the islands they had stopped at, because his own had been lost in the explosion—and headed to the deck. He brought out the training dummies he had built out of scraps and placed them in strategic positions so that they simulated that he was surrounded by enemies. He started training.

  Dragon was woken up by the sounds of a fight. He sat on his bed and continued to hear the noises coming from deck. He took his time to get dressed and headed towards the sounds with infinite patience. When he arrived, he said, "Good morning, Sabo." Someone was disarmed and a pipe shot up in the air in Dragon's direction. He was startled, but he still easily dodged it. "Oi! Be more careful, Peterson!"

  Peterson was training with Sabo on top of the wrecked remains of the training dummies. The kid was winning but he got distracted by Dragon's presence and was easily disarmed. "I'm sorry, Taisa," Peterson said, bowing, and went back to his room.

  Dragon picked up Sabo's pipe and started fiddling with it. "You know, Sabo, today is the anniversary of you joining the revolution," he said casually.

  "I know," the kid said. "I was just training with those new moves you taught me—they're really effective, by the way!"

  "Nah," Dragon said. "just something that came out of my mind and that I wanted to see you try is not a big deal."

  "Well, I still appreciate it," Sabo said.

  "You know, fighting with a pipe is a little too street-style, but now that you are my assistant, I'd suggest you to drop it—" he was cut off by Sabo.

  "What do you mean?" the boy asked accusingly.

  "Let me finish!" Dragon said with a slightly irritated tone. "As I was saying, I'd suggest you to drop it, and—" he quickly went into his room and came out again with a slim and long package behind his back. "—and use this instead."

  Sabo's eyes widened and his mouth gaped. Dragon tossed the object in the boy's direction. In the air it lost its brown wrapper and fell in Sabo's hands. It was a silver-grey Bo staff. "I-I…" Sabo was lost for words. He suddenly thought of something, "How will I get to use this if you never let me fight in the army?" Sabo thought aloud. "Are you going to let me fight, then?"

  Dragon smirked, and Sabo knew what that meant. He grinned widely and started to pick up some of the scraps that were scattered on the floor; he wanted to rebuild his training dummies to be the best fighter.

  Dragon enjoyed watching this kid putting so much effort in becoming a revolutionary. "Happy anniversary, kid."

oof... sorry for lateness, had to go to a christmas party and then help my brother with gifts... anyway, i'll need some sleep so don't expect anything else at least for the next 10 hours (it's 2:30 am in here...) btw there'll be timeskips between chapters, right now it's 9 years till luffy sets sail, 11 until the re-unison, and Sabo is 11 years old.... enjoy!

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MajorasMasks Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
The Bo staff! I was wondering how you would introduce it in the story, and you really had a clever idea! :D
blackdemonqueen Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011
awsome! its much easier to read now but you should add a few more spaces between paragraphs.
mugiwaragrl Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ok, next ch DEFNATLY :D
blackdemonqueen Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011
YAY very nice!
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